New Head of Steam exhibition has been ‘A Year In The Making’

A new exhibition featuring the work of local photographer, Peter Giroux, has gone on show at the Head of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum.

A new exhibition featuring the work of a local photographer has gone on show at the Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum.

The exhibition, titled “A Year in the Making”, is a special display of images taken by Peter Giroux during 2018 in which he has captured many much-loved locations across Darlington and the North East.

Peter Giroux is a self-taught photographer, who took up the hobby when he retired from his role as a manager with Royal Mail in a bid to help keep active.

He now combines his photography with his interests in local history, architecture and the beautiful countryside of County Durham.

Speaking about the exhibition, Peter explained: “I do photograph Darlington a lot and try to showcase the town by looking at it from unusual viewpoints, which range from church towers to the roof of the town hall.

“Each year I set out with a new project, one of which was a series of photographs which merged old and new images of the town while for another I visited more than 60 of Darlington’s oldest buildings, photographing them inside and out.”

He continued: “My real passion is photographing our heritage, which involves a lot of research and photography. This has resulted in my project ‘The Abandoned Northeast’ which provides a record of a building accompanied by its social history.

“The exhibition at Head of Steam shows images from 2018 and also features other aspects of my work.”

The “A Year In The Making” exhibition is on display at the Head of Steam – Darlington Railway Museum until Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 and includes images of Darlington, Durham and Beamish.

Elements of the exhibition will change from month to month, so visitors are encouraged to use their annual pass to revisit it throughout the coming months.

Entry to the exhibition is included in the normal admission and annual passes.

Source: Darlington Borough Council