Smokers in Darlington encouraged to sign up to Stoptober

Smokers in Darlington are being encouraged to sign up to Stoptober next month.

The Public Health England initiative, which begins on Thursday, October 1st, 2015, is being backed by Fresh – a North-East based campaign group.

Throughout the month, people will be able to take advantage of free support, including a Stoptober support pack, a daily messaging service and the Stoptober mobile app.

Lisa Surtees, acting director of Fresh, said: “Making a pact to quit with your partner or a friend is a great way to really boost your chances of kicking tobacco once and for all.

“That support can make all the difference and keep you going.”

According to research, a person who stops smoking for 28 days is five times more likely to stay smokefree. Stoptober’s aim is to help smokers achieve this goal.

Someone who quits smoking for Stoptober, and doesn’t smoke again, could gain an extra seven days of life, every 28 days, for the rest of their life.

Along with the health benefits, quitting saves the average smoker over £150 a month and almost £2,000 a year.

Councillor Andy Scott, Darlington Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Partnerships said: “Just like New Year’s resolutions and no smoking day, this is a great opportunity to take that first step to a healthier and wealthier life.

“Last year, hundreds of Darlington residents took the Stoptober challenge. This year, make it your turn to change your life.”

Miriam Davidson, Director of Public Health at Darlington Borough Council, added:  “If you are concerned about your smoking and feel ready to quit, Stoptober is an event which will support you.

“There are countless reasons to stop. You will feel better in yourself, lower your chances of a serious smoking related disease and have much more money too.”

Davidson continued: “At Darlington Borough Council, we are encouraging staff to quit, benefiting not only them, but their families and friends.”

To register for Stoptober, visit the Smokefree website.

Source: Darlington Borough Council

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