The Full Monty Review

Things were hotting up in the Darlington Hippodrome on Monday, November 12th, 2018. as the cast of “The Full Monty” bared all.

Things were hotting up in the Darlington Hippodrome on Monday, November 12th, 2018. as the cast of “The Full Monty” bared all.

Set during Thatcher’s Britain, the show follows six out-of-work steelworkers in Sheffield who have fallen on hard times. Desperate for money to pay his child maintenance payments, Gaz (Gary Lucy) convinces the group to form a male strip-tease act willing to go “the Full Monty”.

The stage production, which has also been penned by the Oscar-winning Simon Beaufoy, replicates instantly recognisable moments from the film brilliantly, including one of the film’s most iconic scenes: the dole queue dance to Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff “.

In fact, many of the film’s most memorable settings feature, with the impressive staging allowing the scene to seamlessly switch between the abandoned steel mill, the dole office and the working men’s club.

For all “The Full Monty’s” laugh out loud moments, of which there are plenty, the production also tackles complicated issues surrounding masculinity, mental health, unemployment and poverty, among others. Each topic is dealt with in a tactful and sensitive manner that evokes some poignant moments between the talented cast.

Gary Lucy really makes the role of Gaz his own, with his heartwarming exchanges and cheeky personality to match. It’s evident from the get-go that the “Hollyoaks” and “Eastenders” favourite has formed a wholesome chemistry with his on-stage son, the incredibly talented young star, Fraser Kelly (Nathan).

Other notable performances come from Kai Owen (Dave), whose deadpan delivery is the basis of a lot of the play’s humour, and Gerald (Andrew Dunn), who brings his wealth of experience to the role,

Viewers of the 1997 film will be more than familiar with the soundtrack, which has been brilliantly incorporated into the stage adaptation, including favourites such as James Brown – “I Got You (I Feel Good)”, Hot Chocolate – “You Sexy Thing” and, of course, Tom Jones – “You Can Leave Your Hat On”. 

Whist “The Full Monty” may sound like the ideal girl’s night out, the production’s depth and the issues tackled makes it equally suitable for male audiences. As for the finale… let’s just say that they leave very little to the imagination.



“The Full Monty” is a thought-provoking production, bursting with heart and laughter. Drop everything and go see it!

“The Full Monty” is at Darlington Hippodrome from Monday,November 12th, 2018 until Saturday, September 17th, 2018.

Tickets can be purchased from the Darlington Hippodrome boxoffice on 01325 405405 or via the website.